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DaeJin Chemical Co., Ltd

DaeJin Chemical is manufacturer of EYELASH EXTENSION Ultra bonding GLUE, PROTEIN REMOVER, GEL & LIQUID REMOVER, GLUE PRIMER and related cosmetics supplier in Korea. We trade innovative products to get comfortable lead in competitive market. With an honest and devoted team, working with extraordinary enthusiasm and high efficiency, making every efforts to fulfil customer needs.
Our Quality-Assurance carrying stress test on products play important role in whole process of producing a product.

CEO Message

Ahead of technology and know-how!!

Is committed to customer satisfaction 

Daejin Chemical will be the best company for the customers. 

Founded in January of 1999, Daejin Chemical prioritizes customer satisfaction with advanced technology and talented people. 

Daejin Chemical is also growing through inland and abroad exportation with price, quality, and service that satisfaction people.

Through continuous research and development. 

Daejin will try the best to obtain the highest competitiveness with the intensive products and improve for the future of the customers. 

Daejin will always wish the customers good health. Thank you 


Mr. Gil won An

President / Representative Director

Daejin Chemical Co., Ltd

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