A Closer Look at Hottest Trend – Eyelash Extensions

No denying about the fact that fake lashes are still massively trending. However, to take over their place eyelash extensions have been introduced into the cosmetic market. Just like any other trend, eyelash extensions came and became famous all over the world. From movie stars and celebrities to the women you meet in college or at workplaces, everyone seems to be wearing those long, fuller lashes. Proving that it is just not another trend, but is here to stay. 

In the midst of everyone indulging in eyelash extensions, there are a lot of things that need to be sure of before jumping straight into it. Today, we will be discussing about the procedure, types, and perks as well as cons of eyelash extension. Eyelash extension requires maintenance, commitment, and care. But the effortless beauty they provide makes them worth it.

First And Foremost – The Procedure:

Needless to say, trying out giving yourself eyelash extensions is a stunt that you should not play, unless you are a trained professional. Not only does it puts you on the risk of getting an eye infection but can also ruin your natural lashes and trust me, that’s not worth it. Not to mention what excess amount of glue can do to you!

Let’s get to the procedure now. An eyelash extension is supposed to be placed on the top of your natural lash which is supposed to keep them firmly on there place. Both the lashes combined will give you a naturally fuller look. Also enhancing the length and volume without causing any damage to the natural lashes. This procedure is supposed to take almost 90 minutes top. It is a painless experience, and usually, clients are so relaxed that they can fall asleep.

Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extension:

Just like any other beauty procedure, eyelash extension is also bound to have pros as well as cons. The most significant benefit they offer is the way they look. They make your eyelash look long and voluminous. Moreover, when they do make you look beautiful without much of an effort, they are quite pricy. Eyelash extensions usually last a long time, but they do need regular maintenance. Sometimes even a blow dry. And their occasional touchups also costs money. But despite of them being costly, women love the way they make them feel. You cannot deny the fact that with eyelash extensions, getting the lashes of your dream is possible. And unlike fake lashes, you don’t have to put them on every morning. You can just wake up pretty.

Eyelash Extension Types:

And if you have made up your mind on getting eyelash extensions. You need to figure out which kind of extension will be best for you. The question is inevitable. To provide you with a clear picture, here is a list of all the different type of lashes out there.

Mink lashes:

We are all aware of the fact that celebs and starts are almost all wearing eyelash extensions. But what makes their lashes better and more luscious? It is the result of mink lashes. These are natural lashes. Yes, made with original hair. This is why they look so perfect and light.

Since they are made from real hair, these lashes are soft and light in weight. This allows the lash technician to add more layers for a dramatic Hollywood lash. These lashes tend to stray with you for a longer time span.

Faux Mink Eyelash:

They are the replica of mink eyelashes just made synthetically. The specialty of them is that they are able to provide the same long look and yet are way cheaper than the natural ones. You should go for them if they you do not want to opt for natural hair. Plus the most significant advantage they have is, they won’t lose the curly effect even when wet.

Sable Eyelash:

As the name suggests, they are made out of the fur of sable. Since they are made with real hair, they are somewhat similar to the mink eyelashes. The biggest difference is that they are extremely thin. Actually, the thinnest type out there and are ideal for people who have naturally thin lashes. Though they are not available everywhere yet, you can find them in good saloons. Perfect for a natural wispy look.

Synthetic Lashes:

Hands down, the most dramatic eyelashes ever. You can opt for these if you are going for a more glamorous and bold look. Since they are synthetic, they are quite cheap and can be found everywhere. They are too voluminous that you do not require mascara after them. And when you are trying to make a statement, these synthetic lashes will never fail you.

So now you are ready to jump into the world of eyelash extensions. This is the best investment you can make to enhance your look without doing much. Plus it takes off time from your daily morning makeup ritual. You can have perfect lashes that can complement your face without the need for adding layers of mascara.

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