Brow Pencil Vs. Brow Pomade: How to Choose in India

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Brow trends are difficult to keep up with. If you were around in India, you might have had trouble adjusting to the current trend toward thicker, fuller, and more natural brows. 

One thing is certain: well-groomed, defined eyebrows are a must-have. We’ll discuss the significance of eyebrows and whether pencils or pomades. Moreover, these are the best tools for creating the ideal brow. 

How Should I Understand Eyebrows? 

Really, two little strips of hair, what’s the big deal? Let’s discuss some of the fundamentals of eyebrows. 

Similar to eyelashes and scalp hair, eyebrows develop in cycles. Also, a single eyebrow hair has four phases of growth and takes 12 to 15 weeks to complete its life cycle. 

If you’re waiting for your overly plucked or waxed brows to grow back, don’t let that worry you. If you wax or shave your eyebrows, they usually grow back in four weeks. 

Because the hairs on your eyebrows can grow in any direction, maintaining proper eyebrow maintenance is essential. Despite their little size, these facial characteristics have great strength and are essential for nonverbal cues and facial identification. 

As we become older, the color in our eyebrows and head hair gradually fades. Don’t worry; your eyebrows won’t turn gray for years after your head hair does. 

Let’s discuss some of the fundamentals of eyebrows in the following article. 

How Should I Understand Brow Products? 

It goes without saying that we have a minor obsession with brow grooming. There’s no shortage of brow-sculpting tools available to create brows that will really lift eyes. Also, this includes powders, pencils, gels, and pomades. 

Here is a cheat sheet that lists every brow product available to you.

Gel for Brows 

Consider this to be similar to clear eyebrow mascara. Similar to mascara, you can apply brow gel in a tube with a spoolie wand. It is to smooth and shape unkempt eyebrow hairs. 

This kind of eyebrow hair gel is good for unruly brows, but it may also give you an extremely artificial look. 

Also, if you apply eyebrow gel, your brows will become matted down and all glossy, gooey, and slick, which is not what your natural brows look like. 

Pencil For the Eyebrows 

Eyeliner and brow pencils are comparable. Usually made of wood, it is a mixture of oils, pigments, and waxes. With brow pencils, you may fill up sparse areas with discrete strokes that resemble individual brow hairs, giving your eyebrows more definition. 

Brow Powder 

The newest beauty product on the scene, eyebrow powder, has makeup pros and amateurs alike enamored.

Furthermore, this eyebrow product, which is finer in texture than eyeshadow, may provide an incredibly natural look that other brow treatments just cannot match. 

Powder is superior at penetrating your skin via the hairs on your brows to provide the appearance of believable extra volume. 

Brow Pomade

This eyebrow product is an original invention of its own. Eyebrow Pomade is in the between, not quite a cream or powder, not nearly an eyeshadow. 

Even “how to make your own brow pomade” videos are available online, and they include combining dark eyeshadow with hair gel. 

Brow pomade is similar to brow gel but creamier and has a stronger color tint. Also, it is available in a tube with a spoolie wand or a palette. Using brow pomade can be challenging since it’s simple to apply too much or too little, particularly if you’re using a palette. 

When you apply it properly, brow pomade may give volume and color to your brows without making them appear overdone. 

What Is the Proper Way to Use a Brow Pencil? 

Using a brow pencil is simple. All you actually need is the pencil itself, along with a clean spoolie wand. Daejin Glue provides you with both instruments in one. 

Fill in the parts of your eyebrow that require more volume from the arch outward with tiny, hair-like strokes. Also, to prevent harsh lines, blend the pencil by brushing upward through your brows with its spoolie end. 

Use fewer filler lines than you initially believe are necessary. After applying makeup, it’s quite difficult to take it off without damaging the rest of your makeup. However, you can always go back and add more later. 

What Benefits Do Brow Pencils Offer? 

It’s simple and quick and helps enhance a naturally healthy brow appearance with brow pencils.

Also, if you frequently have wax or microblading to preserve the contour of your brows, all you need to add definition and achieve a finished, natural look is a brow pencil. 

What Are the Drawbacks Of Using Brow Pencils? 

With a brow pencil, you can definitely go heavy. We’ve all been there; you’re staring at your eyebrows a bit too much.

Also, when you move back from the mirror, you draw a full eyebrow. The drawn-on eyebrow makeup look is quite retro. 

What Is the Proper Use of Brow Pomade?

The Brow Pomade application is a little more difficult. A decent angled brush that works well with a brow pomade palette is what you’ll need. A spoolie is most likely the brow brush if your pomade comes in a tube. 

In addition, use an angled brush to apply a little amount of pomade to your brow hairs, starting at the arch and working your way outward, if you’re using a palette.

The extreme inner edge of your brows should not be filled up with pomade as this will make them appear heavy. 

After that, use a clean spoolie to brush the product into and out of your brows in an upward and outward motion to help distribute it evenly. 


With simple-to-use, sustainably derived products from Daejin Glue, you can maintain the natural, fine look of your brows regardless of how full or thin they are. Natural, healthy brows are timeless despite changes in brow forms and arch proportions. 

Maintain your gorgeous eyebrows. It provides the nutritious elements and desired definition for your brows. Get wholesale eyelash extension adhesive glue and more products by visiting our website right away!

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