Cream Vs. Powder Blush: Pros, Cons & More in India

Powder Blush

Are you having trouble deciding between powder and cream blush? That makes sense. It might be challenging to choose the one that would work best for your skin type and desired appearance when so many alternatives are available. This is your guide to adding healthy radiance to your face with easy, natural rosiness. 

We at Daejinglue adore both formulations and can help you know when to use each. Let’s start by discussing your skin type and figuring out why certain formulations may suit it better than others. Also, consider whether powder blush or cream blush is better for you. 

Why Does Skin Type Matter for Blush Formula?

Most people might have four skin types: normal, oily, dry, or mixed. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and wipe dry to determine your skin type. Apply only one product at a time. Examine your skin’s state thirty minutes later.

  • Normal skin. You probably have normal skin if it feels comfortable, balanced, and neither greasy nor tight.
  • Oily skin. If your skin feels greasy or slick after 30 minutes, you most likely have oily skin. You could see more noticeable pores, particularly in the T-zone area. You can also have blemish-prone skin.
  • Dry skin. After 30 minutes, if your skin still feels tight and itchy, it may be dry. It could flake or peel, and dry skin may be more sensitive. 
  • Combination skin. Combination skin is the most prevalent kind of skin. This indicates that you have dry and oily patches on your skin. 

It’s common to believe that powder blushes suit normal to oily skin types better than cream blushes; however, that isn’t always the case. Depending on the components, any skin type can use either recipe.

Good, food-grade ingredients are essential to maintaining your skin’s brightness and extending the life of your product after application.

What is cream blush?

A type of cosmetics called cream blush is designed to give your cheeks a flushed, natural look. Unlike powder blush, which occasionally looks cakey, this blush has a smooth, creamy texture that melts into the skin. Below is a summary of its salient attributes:

The Pros and Cons of Cream Blush


  • If you’re not into makeup, cream blush is a simple product to use on clean skin to add a little color to your face.
  • Compared to powder blush, mixing different cream blush hues to produce a unique tint is simpler. 
  • If you want to be monochromatic, you may use a lot of cream blushes as lip colors.
  • The majority of cream blushes have a radiant, dewy finish. 
  • Because the creamy recipe frequently includes hydrating elements, dry skin types might benefit from it.
  • For a more intense effect, build up the layer or apply a thin coating for a subtle flush. 


  • A cream blush will not blend in as smoothly or readily if you use powder foundation or if you have previously set your foundation with a setting powder.
  • The process of applying cream around the cheekbones might have a little learning curve.
  • Cream blushes usually have a shorter shelf life than powder blushes.
  • Oily skin types may get more shine with cream blush.

Who is Cream Blush Good For?

Cream blush is an excellent choice for anybody seeking a natural, dewy look. It mixes in smoothly and offers moisture, so people with dry skin will find it useful. 

You might need a powder if you have oily skin to stop it from creasing.

Thus, start with a foundation that matches your skin tone to get a full glam look. Next, apply cream blush to your cheeks for a natural flush of color. Finally, complete the look with eyelashes and our eyelash extension adhesive glue for dramatic lashes.

How to Apply Cream Blush:

  • Prepare your skin: Use primer and moisturizer to provide a smooth surface for the blush.
  • Dot or swipe: Using your fingertips, a beauty sponge, or a thick makeup brush, lightly dab some cream blush over the apples of your cheeks.
  • Even it out: Tapping or circular motion to even out the blush toward your hairline and temples.
  • Develop the color: Apply a little layer first, then add more gradually until the desired intensity is reached.
  • Set it (optional): If you have oily skin, use a translucent powder to set the blush and prevent it from creasing.

What Is Powder Blush?

Powder blush is a beauty essential that gives your cheekbones contour and a burst of color. Its texture of finely ground powder gives it a matte or slightly satin appearance. As a result, it was applied with a fluffy makeup brush, giving exact control over its strength and location.

The Pros and Cons of Powder Blush


  • Powder blush is a wonderful option for oily skin because it usually lasts longer than cream blush.
  • Eyebrow Powder Blush combines various colors to complement skin tones and cosmetic looks. 
  • The intensity can be increased for a more dramatic effect from a subtle color wash.
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.


  • The powder formula may not be suitable for dry skin types since it might highlight dryness and fine wrinkles.
  • Improper application might result in spotty or cakey-looking blush.

Who is Powder Blush Good For?

Powder blush is a versatile cosmetic suitable for most skin types, particularly oily or mixed complexion. But to reduce dryness, if you have dry skin, try using a moisturizing primer and moisturizer before applying powder blush.

How to Apply Powder Blush:

  • Prepare your skin using primer and moisturizer to provide a flawless foundation.
  • Swirl the brush: To pick up a small bit of product, swirl your blush brush in the powder. Tap off any excess to prevent applying too much at once.
  • Smiling and applying: To find the apples of your cheeks, grin a little. Starting at the apples and working your way outward toward your temples and hairline, apply the blush in a circular motion.
  • Intensity layer: Apply a thin layer at first, then progressively add more color to get the right intensity.
  • Blend well: To achieve a natural-looking flush, soften any hard lines with a clean brush.

Powder Blush or Cream Blush- Which is better for you?

Having trouble deciding between powder and cream blush? It all depends on your desired finish and skin type! Cream blush is an absolute delight for people with dry complexions. Its moisturizing formula disappears into the skin, giving a subtle flush without drawing attention to small wrinkles or dryness. 

Powder blush has a mattifying power that oily skin loves. It provides prolonged wear and shine control, so your cheeks look fresh all day.

Don’t worry about hard lines; cream and powder blushes are masters at mixing. The simplicity of application is what counts. Cream blush is ideal for touch-ups while you’re out and about; just give it a quick dab with your fingertips, and you’re set. Powder blush is the best option if you want more exact control. Use a soft brush to apply for precise application and smooth blending to prevent patches. The selection that best suits your skin tone and works well with your makeup is ultimately the “better” choice. Try both textures to get the ideal blush color for you!

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