How do you take care of Fake Eyelashes?

How Do You Take Care Of Fake Eyelashes?

Who on earth would not like to have beautiful eyes with thick and dark eyelashes? Everyone does! After all, it’s that main part of eye makeover that makes the big impact on making your eyes look bigger, more flirtatious, and definitely command a lot of attention.

 Though the use of cosmetics can accentuate your lashes, yet it can never give that dramatic effect which you can get by wearing artificial lashes. But, you can only feel the zest of fake eyelashes when you take care of it well.

I am going to share some best tips on fake eyelashes, how you keep them fresh and retaining its functionality by taking care of them. Hope you find these tips useful.

Best tips to take care of your Fake Eyelashes

1. Keep Them Clean

You can keep your lashes, and lash extensions clean by using a lash extension safe cleanser. Now many oil-free liquid removers and gels are available in the market today. In fact, now eyelash manufacturers also provide oil-free and alcohol-free eye makeup removers with pH balance that cleanse your lashes and keep them away from all debris and impurities

How to clean your lashes? Take a lash wand, and gently brush through your lashes. Make sure to saturate the cotton pad as cotton can catch onto your lashes. Gently rub your eyelid, and don’t rub your lashes.

2. Omit Oil Based Products

I will recommend you to never use any oil-based cream, or cleanser when it comes to clean your eyelashes.

 Do you know, oil-free cleansers guarantees the long-time durability of eyelashes? How to confirm whether it’s oil-free or not? Go through the list of ingredients (which are usually mentioned on the backside of cleansers) to make sure what you are using is truly oil free.

3. Avoid Over Exposure to Moisture

Getting consistent moisture is also not safe for your lashes, but you can make it save by adopting daily washing activities such as; swimming makes your eyelash extension safe.

4. Maintain Refills Regularly

Here comes the master of all important tips mentioned above! Keep refilling your lashes with the cleanser or solution after every two weeks. The longer you keep your lashes dry, the harder it becomes to keep them in style and make it look healthy and fabulous.

The lack of weekly refilling of your eyelashes can make it useless, so why not to keep your eyes lashes always fresh one?

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