Lady Black Glue 10ml Eyelash Extension Glue

At Daejin Chemical, find out premium quality lady black glue. We make eyelash glue with the best quality products to provide the best results for sensitive eyes. Our lash experts rely on Lady Black the most when our clients have a high sensitivity to eyelash glue. It’s ideal for all customers because of its thick consistency and minimal fume.

 Korea’s Wholesale Black Eyelash Extension Glue Supplier

Find the best wholesale lady black eyelash extension glue for your clients at Daejin Chemical, one of the largest markets for wholesale exports on the internet. Eyelash extension glue products, such as lash glue liners, are available.

But what makes us unique? Lady black eyelash extension adhesive is available in both waterproof and non-waterproof varieties. Many individuals use waterproof lash glues to prevent sweat from causing displacement, but they are more difficult to remove and contain latex. Waterproof eyeglass glues may not be the best solution for sensitive eyelash glues. We provide a large selection of hypoallergenic eyelash glue alternatives for people with sensitive eyes. Daejin Chemical has more glue search online, and you can purchase safely.

Is Lady Black lash glue good?

When their customers have a strong sensitivity to adhesives, lash specialists rely on Lady Black the most. It is ideal for people with even the most sensitive eyes due to its high viscosity and minimal fumes.

Lady Black is also the glue of choice for professionals working in moderate to low humidity environments. Humidity has a significant impact on the efficacy of eyelash glue, which is why top experts regard Lady Black to be a “must-have” in their lash collection. Let the dry climate created by the winter furnace no longer impede your performance – apply our Lady Black glue for the best results.

Advantages Of Choosing Us!

As a leading Wholesale Black Eyelash Extension Glue Supplier, our lashes last longer than others and provide you with quick and quality solutions!

  • Formulated to have minimum fume and mild lashes
  • It has a high better-drying speed, like 3-4 seconds.
  • It is with improved viscosity to allow better retention and flexibility.
  • Latex and Formaldehyde-Free and Approved by ITQA
  • Ideal Application Conditions: 72-77F with humidity of RH 50-70%
  • Outstanding in Stability
  • Appointed by South Korea Eyelash Extension Association for Qualification Test.
  • It is suitable for both middle and high-skilled beauticians.

Before And During Use:

  • Do not use this adhesive to attach clusters or strip lashes.
  • Before using (for the 30s–60s), give it a good shake.
  • People with sensitive eyes may not be able to use this adhesive.
  • If glue touches your skin or eyes, rinse with water or a saline solution. If the soreness persists, consult a doctor.


  • Use within two months of opening.
  • Store upright in an excellent, dry location away from children with the cap closed.

Start placing orders at Daejin Chemical. Ask them any questions regarding the formulas of the eyelash glue products you’re considering, and they’ll gladly assist you.


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