Can I Use Hairspray As Eyelash Glue in India?

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When enhancing your eye makeup and framing your face, eyelashes are essential. Although applying eyelash adhesive could be intimidating initially, false eyelashes can add drama and volume. Hold on! Before you grab that easily accessible hairspray, resist the urge! Discover why using hairspray on your lashes is not a good idea, and discover some safe, efficient substitutes to get gorgeous lash looks.

The Risks of Hairspray as Eyelash Glue:

Even though hairspray could seem like a quick remedy, according to an eyelash glue manufacturerusing it on sensitive eyes is not the best option, this is the reason why:

  • Ingredients: Typically, drying ingredients and abrasive alcohols found in hairspray can irritate your eyes and harm your natural lashes. These components can potentially induce dryness, redness, and even eyelash loss.
  • Ineffectiveness: Compared to eyelash glue, hairspray doesn’t have the same holding ability. Lashes can stick incorrectly, which might be annoying and cause them to slip off over the day.
  • Clumping and flaking: Hairspray dries rapidly and may leave your lashes with clumpy residue, giving them an unnatural appearance and maybe even causing them to adhere to one another.
  • Removal Issues: Removing hairspray residue from your lashes can be challenging without forceful rubbing, which might further harm your sensitive eye area.

Safe & Effective Alternatives to Hairspray:

Now that you are aware of the disadvantages of hairspray let’s look at some secure and efficient alternatives for creating beautiful lash looks:

Eyelash glue:

The tried-and-true technique for attaching fake eyelashes is this one. For an even kinder choice, go for a hypoallergenic, latex-free formulation. Different eyelash glue varieties are available, from transparent to dark, according to your desired style.

  • Application Tips: Position the lashes close to your lash line and carefully secure them with tweezers after applying a thin glue line along the lash band and waiting for it to become tacky (as directed by the glue).
  • Removal Tips: Use a specialized eyelash glue or oil-based makeup remover. Gently dab the lash band after soaking a cotton swab in the removal solution. Before carefully removing the lashes, give the adhesive time to soften.

Magnetic Lashes:

These innovative lashes are attracted to magnetic eyeliner thanks to the small magnets inside. They’re a simple solution that doesn’t require any sticky adhesive.

  • Application Tips: Follow the package’s directions to apply a magnetic eyeliner coat. Give it time to dry completely. Bring a lash gently to your lash line while holding it by the band. There will be a gratifying click as the magnets click into place.
  • Removing Tips: Starting from the outer corner, gently tug the lashes away from your lash line.

Self-Adhesive Lashes:

Depending on the lash glue manufacturer, these lashes come with an adhesive strip already placed by heat or pressure. They provide a practical fix without requiring more adhesive.

  • Application Tips: To simplify applying the glue, gently bend the lash band back and forth. Check the lash length against your lash line and cut if needed. Start at the inner corner of your lash line and work outward when applying the lash band.
  • Removal Tips: Use an oil-based makeup remover or specialized eyelash glue remover, just like you would for eyelash glue removal. After soaking a cotton swab, carefully remove the lashes by dabbing the lash band and releasing the glue.

Lash Tinting and Lifting: 

Consider expert services like lash tinting or lifting for a longer-lasting result. A lash lift gives your lashes a natural curl and removes the need for mascara or lash curlers for several weeks, while lash tinting naturally brings out the color of your lashes.

The Best Advice for Perfect Lashes

Here are some more tips to make sure your lashes look gorgeous and feel great all day:

  • Begin with Healthy Lashes: To encourage healthy growth and thickness, nourish your natural lashes with castor oil or lash growth serums. Healthy, strong lashes will improve appearance and provide a superior foundation for fake lashes.
  • Select the Correct Lash Style: Consider your desired style and eye shape when selecting fake lashes. More natural hairstyles can accentuate your inherent attractiveness, yet dramatic lashes can provide a beautiful touch. Try out a variety of looks to see which one best suits your eyes.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: If applying lashes takes a while initially, don’t give up. To get a perfect appearance, patience, and practice are essential. You may feel uncomfortable applying lashes for the first few times, but with enough practice, you’ll become an expert quickly.
  • Eyeliner for Extra grip: Applying a thin line of eyeliner can provide a sticky base for improved adherence, whether you’re using magnetic lashes or wish to increase the grip of self-adhesive lashes. For a seamless effect, match the color of your eyeliner to your artificial lashes.
  • Pay Attention to Comfort: Eyelashes shouldn’t be heavy or unpleasant. Try a new style or remove your lashes and adjust the application if they become bothersome.


Now that several secure and reliable hairspray substitutes are available, you may create eye-catching lash styles without dealing with the inconvenience or risk of choosing the wrong product. You may release your inner lash boss with the ideal lash solution, which ranges from subtle upgrades with lash tinting to big declarations with statement lashes!

So, instead of using hairspray, discover the fascinating world of lash alternatives. You can proudly flaunt gorgeous, healthy-looking lashes that enhance your natural attractiveness and increase confidence with a little practice, helpful ideas, and the correct equipment. Recall that your eyes are striking, and gorgeous lashes may perfectly accentuate your features and finish your appearance. Thus, use your imagination and have fun.

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