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The DaeJin Chemical Co., Ltd is one of the leading eyelash glue manufacturers in Korea that provides a quality product without any use of harmful chemicals into it. Our products are labeled with high dignity in the cosmetic market today.

Being a reputable eyelash glue manufacturer, we can provide you with a wide array of eyelashes and Eyelash extension adhesive glue products, including; Crystal glue, Glue OEM package, Lady Black glue, and Sky Zone.

Besides, the other variables in the product category include; Remover, Protein Remover, Primer, Pretreatment, Eyelash, & Tools.

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Unique and High Quality Eyelash Glue by Daejin

Eyelashes make your makeup just complete and perfect! The stronger your eyelashes will be glued, the more natural and appealing they will look. We manufacture top-quality Eyelash adhesive glue that is free of all harmful chemicals and won't be impactful for your skin or eye.

Our brand is unique, as our products are labeled as high class, with high dignity in the cosmetic market today. Now you can buy different types of eyelash glue from us, including; eyelash glue and ultra bonding eyelash glue.

We have varieties of eyelashes which include black feather & sky pro eyelashes. We also offer natural-looking natural single & double lash, Y lash, and multi-color silk lash; you can also get other appliances. Choosing a good type of glue for an eyelash is as crucial as choosing the right eyelash per the makeup requirement; hence we, the Daejinglue eyelash adhesive glue manufacturers, offer the best kinds of eyelash glue that everyone will get a flawless look.

What makes us stand unique is that our eyelash glue has a quick drying time within a couple of seconds, creating an ultra-long lasting bond.

Get the Best Range of Ultra bonding Eyelash Glue at Affordable Prices

Our Ultra Bonding eyelash glue is one of the strongest bonding glues available in market these days. Once you open it, the glue can be used till three months if you take a good care of it, and shake it before using.

We have what you seek! From adhesives to ultra – bond eyelash glue with high, medium, and low fumes, we offer aftercare products to make the extension lashes last. Our eyelash products tend to make only for professional use, and best to use for eyelash experts. This quick drying time of eyelashes enables users to move quickly without getting stuck together.

At Daejinglue, we have excellent quality eyelash products. Please browse our extensive range of Eyelash adhesive glue.

Don’t wait before it’s too late! Expand your business with Daejinglue.com if you are looking for a stronger adhesive eyelash glue or something which has been designed for volume eyelash extensions.

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