Can You Use Eyelash Glue For Fake Nails in India?

Fake Nails

Eyelash adhesive is used to secure the false eyelashes to the lids. Many often worry that eyelash glue may be used on nails because it is glue. If you’re searching for a fast fix, you may attach false nails quickly and effortlessly with eyelash glue. We’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of installing artificial nails using eyelash glue and offer some helpful advice.

What Is The Purpose Of Eyelash Glue?

The purpose of eyelash glue is to adhere the false lash band to your eyelid so it remains in place all day. Given how sensitive the skin surrounding your eyes is, it has a delicate duty. Therefore, the glue must be strong enough to keep your eyelashes in place. As a result, the glue has to be both strong enough to hold your eyelash in place and soft enough to remove with ease from your skin.  

Can You Use Eyelash Glue For Nails?

Fake nails can be applied with eyelash glue. However, eyelash glue manufacturer don’t advise it for too long. As a glue, eyelash glue can fuse your genuine nail to the false one. Understanding that nail glue and eyelash glue are not interchangeable is crucial. Their methods and chemical compositions differ.

Also, while eyelash glue is designed for short-term usage and is easy to remove, nail adhesive is made for the strength and durability required for false nails. Because nail glue is used on tougher materials—like nails—it has a higher cohesive strength than eyelash glue.

Eyelash glue loses its strength and durability with time, much as nail glue, which causes its staying power to fall. Although it works well for quick solutions, it does not have the strength of adhesive required for nail applications.

What Is The Difference Between Nail and Eyelash Glue?

Knowing the difference between nail and eyelash glue is important before experimenting with your cosmetic regimen. What sets them apart is their cohesive strength or adhesive power.

Nail glue provides a stronger binding between press-on nails and genuine nails, whereas eyelash glue is intended for the delicate adhesion of eyelashes to the skin. Since nail glue is meant to adhere to stronger materials for longer, its cohesive strength is higher than that of eyelash glue. Also, it is generally accepted that nail glue is more robust than eyelash glue.

How To Use Eyelash Glue For Fake Nails?

Is eyelash glue a workaround for attaching artificial nails? Though it is possible, the link will likely be less robust. If you decide to go this way, do the following steps as said by the lash glue manufacturer:

  • Clean and buff nails for a smooth finish.
  • Coat the artificial nail with a thin coating of eyelash adhesive.
  • Apply the artificial nail to your natural nail and hold for around 10 seconds.
  • Maintain dry hands to extend the adhesiveness.

Do not forget that this is a temporary solution that may only be able to handle routine activities for a short period. Stick to the nail for a long-lasting solution.

Eyelash Glue

  • Mild mixture
  • Short-term application
  • Rapid drying

Nail Glue

  • Powerful glue
  • Designed for long-term wear.
  • Resistant to water

Precautions When Using Eyelash Glue for Fake Nails.

It is important to exercise caution when reusing items such as eyelash glue to attach false nails. Although eyelash glue’s flexibility may appear promising for nail adhesion, proper safety precautions should always come first to avoid negative reactions or harm.

  • Inspect for Toxic Substances: There’s a chance that certain eyelash glue products have dangerous ingredients that might cause allergic reactions or skin damage. Before applying, study the contents and read the label.
  • Thoughtful Utilization: Unlike regular nail glue, eyelash adhesive is less thick and more likely to clump or spill. After cleaning and applying a base coat, dab a few glue dots onto the artificial and natural nails.

Safety Measures to Take:

  1. Go for High-Quality Products: To reduce dangers, use eyelash adhesives of the highest caliber from reliable companies.
  2. Protect Cuticles: Dab your cuticles lightly with petroleum jelly to prevent glue from adhering to them when applying fake nails.
  3. Be Ready to Clean: To ensure a mess-free application, have a clean cotton swab available to remove extra glue quickly.

Why Apply False Nails With Eyelash Glue?

Eyelash glue is popular for its strong adhesive and longevity, making it an appealing choice for individuals who don’t have nail glue or want a rapid fix. Among the main arguments favoring using it are its quick-drying qualities and portability for applications that need on-the-go handling.

  • Availability: A lot of cosmetic packages contain eyelash glue.
  • Sturdy Hold: Its purpose is to maintain the position of fake eyelashes, suggesting a strong adhesive property.
  • Fast Drying: The adhesive dries quickly, reducing waiting time.

Tips For Applying False Nails With Eyelash Glue

Applying artificial nails with eyelash glue may be a temporary fix when nail adhesive is unavailable. Also, it’s crucial to remember that lash glue is not as strong or long-lasting as nail glue, and it cannot offer the required adhesive strength for prolonged usage. How to resolve a few typical issues:

  • Avoid Overuse: Applying excessive amounts of adhesive might harm your nails and cause retention problems. If you have too much glue on your lashes, scoop more slowly to be more in control.
  • If you see air bubbles between the artificial nail and your natural nail, raise the false nail and fix it with a new dab of glue.
  • Uneven application: Gently lift and replace the artificial nail if applied unevenly or crookedly.
  • Lifting: Press down on the raised region after lightly applying adhesive. Applying glue behind the raised portion can alternatively be done with a toothpick.
  • Seal the Edges: Run a little glue along the edges to keep fake nails from lifting.
  • Examine Allergies: The chemicals in eyelash glue may cause allergic responses in certain persons. See a doctor if you have any symptoms, such as swelling, itching, redness, or other symptoms.
  • Appropriate Removal: Patience is necessary to preserve the strength of your natural nails after glued-on nails. Also, trim any extra length at the tip, then use cotton and an acetone-based remover to soak them off.


It’s not advisable to use eyelash glue on nails. Beauty hacks are entertaining, but safety and efficiency are important. Use nail glue to achieve a flawless manicure. So, recall that every product is designed with a purpose. Always use the appropriate equipment for your beauty adventures to guarantee the finest results. 

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