Eyelash Extensions – The Pros And Cons

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that are attached to natural lashes. These lashes provide thickness to the natural lashes and add more charm to your face. Lash glue manufacturers provide special glue for the lashes extension, which has become quite popular with millennial beauty enthusiasts.

Here are some of the lash extension pros and cons which will help you decide whether you should get one from the lash glue manufacturer or not.

Eyelash extensions – The Pros

Here are some eyelash extensions pros:

1. They speed up your makeup routine

Attention to your lashes can take between 10-20 minutes – if you are working all out with extensions and have to stick them, blend them and finish with mascara. Eyelash extension considerably speeds up your makeup process and can save you this daily commitment.

2. They can replace other eye makeup

Eyelash extensions are declaration enough to be worn on their own. They can provide your eye with a ‘wakening’ effect and take thoughtfulness away from dark circles and under-eye bags. It is why many females get extensions done to remove the step of cleaning up eye makeup from their night skincare routine altogether.

3. Customized

Regular extensions come in a standard make and trail a ‘one-size-fits-all approach. Eyelash extensions customize according to your desired length, fullness, volume, or just something that improves and shows off your eye shape. It makes them more suitable for your unique facial features.

4. They avoid mascara mishaps

Mascara is one of the most mutual things that you influence mess up while smearing your makeup. Cleaning up clumps, smudges, and flakes can sometimes ‘dirty up’ the makeup claim around your eye area. This issue is entirely evaded by getting eyelash extensions!

Eyelash extensions – The Cons

Here are some of the main cons of eyelash extensions:

1. They are pricey

Lash extensions are costly. Starter sets can be between 8K and 15K, based on the kind of extensions you choose and the specialist’s professional experience. On top of that, you require sittings to get touch-ups done every two to three weeks. They can shed pretty quickly as they are glued onto your natural lashes, and appropriate quality replacements can cost up to 7K.

2. They can affect your natural lashes

While the process on its own is pretty safe, inevitable missteps can cause harm to your natural lashes. For example, the cheaper extension usually sticks on a pre-glued gathering of lashes on your natural lash line. It can finish your natural lashes extension.

3. Long term use can result in enduring lash fallout

Getting lash extensions can result in long-term and permanent lash effects. It happens because, at times, lash clusters, or even specific lashes, stop your natural lashes from flaking and disrupt their internal transformation process.

4. They can cause eye infections

The use of lash extensions uses tools and bonding causes close to your eyes. As such, any casualties can lead to ailments, like conjunctivitis or even glue-induced outbreaks around the eye area.

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