How To Fix Eyelashes Without Glue in India?

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Eyelashes may quickly improve your appearance and frame your face. However, applying eyelash adhesive may be intimidating, particularly for newcomers. Do not be alarmed, fellow lash fans! This in-depth manual looks at innovative techniques to create gorgeous lash styles without the hassle and mess of adhesive.

One solution for lash enthusiasts who are allergic to lash glue but still want to wear fake eyelashes is to try selecting self-adhesive lashes, which will fulfill your desire to wear false eyelashes without lash glue.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Natural Lashes

Let’s look at how to make the most of your natural lashes before moving on to alternatives:

  • Lash curling: The unsung hero of the lash regimen is this. A quality lash curler opens your eyes and prepares them for mascara application. For a few seconds, apply light pressure, concentrating first on the base of your lashes and then the tips.
  • Mascara Magic: Select a mascara to achieve your desired outcome. Curling mascaras give lift and grip, volumizing mascaras add thickness, and lengthening mascaras offer dramatic length. Apply mascara in zigzag strokes from the root to the tip for the best effect. Try out a variety of formulations and application methods to see which mascara best suits your lash type and desired appearance.
  • Lash lifts and tinting: The eyelash glue manufacturer provides a semi-permanent fix for raised, darker lashes without regular upkeep. For a longer-lasting result, think about getting your lashes tinted or lifted. Your lashes will seem bolder and fuller after tinting, accentuating their natural color. You may avoid using mascara or lash curlers with lash lifts because the natural curl is enhanced and lasts for several weeks.

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes Without Glue 

Let’s now explore the world of glue-free lash solutions, which have options for every taste and style:

  • Magnetic Lashes:

These cutting-edge lashes adhere to magnetic eyeliner with microscopic magnets. You can select from various designs and lengths, providing a safe and convenient choice. Although applying magnetic lashes requires effort, they are a fantastic option for novice and seasoned lash users.

How to apply is as follows:

  1. Apply magnetic eyeliner according to the manufacturer’s directions. Seek for a composition that applies smoothly and has high durability.
  2. Permit the eyeliner to entirely dry. Applying lashes to wet eyeliner can result in smearing and frustration, so patience is essential.
  3. Gently hold a lash by the lash band near your line. The magnets will click into place, gratifyingly bringing the lash near your line.
  4. Proceed with the opposite eye.
  • Self-Adhesive Lashes:

These lashes come with an adhesive strip that is already placed and, depending on the brand, activates with heat or pressure. They’re an easy choice that doesn’t need any extra adhesives. Nevertheless, there might be differences in the adhesive strength, so pick a high-quality brand.

How to apply is as follows:

  1. Gently flex the lash band back and forth to soften the adhesive for easy application and conformity to your lash line.
  2. Measure the lash against your lash line to check for an appropriate fit. Trim the inner or outer corner as needed for a more natural appearance.
  3. Start at the inner corner of your lash line and work outward while applying the lash band. Use tweezers for more exact positioning and control.
  4. Hold the lash for a few seconds to secure it. To get the best possible adherence, gently push along the lash band.
  • Lash Fibers:

This choice provides a more subdued method of adding volume and length. When using mascara, little synthetic strands called “lash fibers” stick to your natural lashes. They’re a terrific option for people who prefer a natural enhancement over the drama of full lashes.

How to apply is as follows:

  1. Coat your natural lashes with a layer of mascara. Selecting a strong grip and volume mascara will improve the lash fibers’ ability to attach.
  2. To coat the bristles with the fibers, dip the mascara wand into the lash fiber container and jiggle it back and forth.
  3. Apply a second coat of mascara, paying close attention to how you move the wand to space the lash fibers evenly across your natural lashes.
  • Lash extensions:

Compared to the temporary solutions mentioned above, they provide a more striking and long-lasting solution, although they require a lash glue manufacturer or expert application. Individual synthetic lashes are bonded to natural lashes with a unique bonding chemical to create lash extensions. Usually, this procedure calls for several consultations for application and upkeep. For individuals who desire a gorgeous yet low-maintenance appearance, lash extensions might be a terrific option. So, to preserve the health of your natural lashes, it’s crucial to pick a reliable lash specialist and adhere to the recommended aftercare guidelines.

Choosing the Right Glue-Free Lash Option for You:

Consider the following factors when selecting your glue-free lash solution:

  • Desired Look: Do you want a natural enhancement or a more dramatic lash statement? Magnetic and self-adhesive lashes offer a range of styles, from subtle to dramatic, while lash fibers provide a natural boost. Lash extensions create a high-impact, glamorous look.
  • Skill Level: Self-adhesive and magnetic lashes are user-friendly choices perfect for novices. Applying lash fibers is relatively easy but requires a decent mascara foundation. Lash extensions may only be appropriate for some since they require professional application.
  • Lifestyle and Upkeep: Self-adhesive and magnetic lashes provide a quick fix that is simple to take off at the end of the day. Use mascara to remove lash fibers. Lash extensions need to be touched up regularly. When selecting, take your commitment level and lifestyle into account.
  • Pricing range: There are several pricing ranges for lashes. Lashing fibers are usually cheap. However, self-adhesive and magnetic lashes might be a more affordable choice. Lash extensions are usually the priciest choice since they must be applied professionally and maintained.

Essential Tips for Flawless, Glue-Free Lashes

  • Practice Makes Perfect: If your first attempt at applying glue-free lashes isn’t flawless, don’t give up. You may quickly become an expert at the technique and apply it flawlessly with some practice.
  • Sharpen Your Tools: To handle lashes precisely, invest in high-quality tweezers. A good mascara and a lash curler are needed for a glue-free lash style that complements your natural lashes.
  • Cleanliness is essential: Always ensure your lashes and lash band (if needed) are clean and oil-free before applying. This reduces discomfort and promotes improved adherence.
  • Storage Tip: To keep your lashes tidy and in shape, place them in the included case.
  • Eyeliner for Extra grip: Applying a thin line of eyeliner may provide a sticky base for improved adherence, whether using magnetic lashes or just wanting to increase the grip of self-adhesive lashes.
  • Ease is Crucial: Lashes shouldn’t be heavy or unpleasant. Try a new style or remove your lashes and adjust the application if they become bothersome.


Thanks to the range of glue-free alternatives available, you can now create eye-catching lash designs without the inconvenience of traditional lash glue. So, to release your inner lash boss, a suitable lash solution is waiting for you, ranging from modest additions to bold declarations! Try new things, enjoy yourself, and bask in the self-assurance that comes with batting your gorgeous, glue-free lashes.

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