Want to strengthen your lash game? Always go for high-quality adhesives.

Want To Strengthen Your Lash Game

If you want to transform your eyes from ordinary to extraordinary then a pair of faux eyelashes is what you need but its application is the strenuous job on the face of this planet. Wearing lashes has its own set of concerns. From choosing the right type of lashes according to your eyes to the application process, there’s a lot that needs to be invested to achieve a proper fab-glam eyelash look.

Moreover, if you apply faux eyelashes every day, a crappy glue can make your natural hair look brittle and weak over time due to the severe chronic irritation caused by hard chemicals that are present inside the glue. So, it’s preferable and recommended to go for eyelash extensions – a long-lasting solution. This way, you won’t have to spend time and exertion every morning, instead, you’ll have a ready-to-go look every time.

Importance of eyelash extension adhesive

However, eyelash glue is an imperative part if you want your extensions to stay in place. Choosing the right type of lash glue is vital as the wrong one can result in painful and disastrous consequences. Inappropriate and bad-quality lash glues can dry out in clumps, irritate your eyes, and even chuck out your natural lashes. You wouldn’t want to take risks with that, right?

What’s in my lash glue?Factors about adhesive you need to confirm from the lash extensions technician. 

If you are looking for the best ultra-bonding eyelash glue, then you need to choose a quick-dry option that delivers long-lasting hold and ensures, your lashes stay in place until you decide to remove them.

Ensure the adhesive is latex-free

You have to make sure that adhesive won’t cause allergies or itching near your eyes. So that you can get the extensions done even if you have a sensitive lash line or eyes. The specially designed latex-free formula will help in extending the life of your lashes.

Confirm if it dries clearly

One of the top concerns women have is invisibility. Eyelash extensions with visible lash glue can ruin your overall look. So make sure, the glue never shows under your falsies. This way, you’ll have the gentlest eyelash application for a completely natural look.

It should stay on for a long time

You should always ensure that the adhesive applied by the technician is reliable enough to put on everything. It shouldn’t be affected by your everyday tears, sweat, or, lash flutters.

What causes a decrease in adhesion and retention?


The compatibility of eyelash extensions and adhesive. Inappropriate storage and usage of products are the topmost reasons behind the deterioration of an adhesive.


Incorrect attachment, amount of adhesive, and inexperienced technician.


Negligence in aftercare, condition of natural eyelashes and, health conditions are the reasons.


High temperature and humidity, cold and dry environment, rapid temperature difference, and a non-ventilated storage place.

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